What is the Cyclists' Road Map

The Cyclists' Road Map is a user-input based colour-coded map that indicates to users the quality of roads. The object of The Cyclists' Road Map is to get data for roads all over the world to allow riders to view the map for anywhere in the world and find roads which are good for cycling. It would also allow commuters or visitors to a city to avoid roads which are rated as poor by the cycling community.

It works by users rating indiviudual segemnts of road on three different criteria (see below), The user data is tallied each road is highlighted in a colour between red (poor roads) and green (good roads).

Road Surface

The rating for road surface should include everything from the type of surface itself (dirt or paved) to the quality of the surface (roughness) as well as the space on the road that is available to cyclists (shoulders etc)


Scenery represents the quality of the view and surroundings of the segment of road. Things to consider are: are there any views from the road, what can been seen from the road (industrial, commericial residential etc), the general asthetics of the area and whether the street is tree lined or not.


The traffic flow of the road, a road with more trucks would receive a lower rating.

What is the Cyclists' Road Map is not

The Cyclists' Road Map is not a place to save your personal routes. Websites like Mapmyrun and Bikely can do that quite well.


What Are Points?

Points can be earned by inputting data into Cyclists' Road Map. Points are a measure of the contribution that one has made to the Cyclists' Road Map. Currently points are awarded as (Comment - 1 point, New Segment - 2 points). Though this does change over time, particularly as new features come online, and all changes are completely retroactive.

As you amass more contribution points you can go beyond simply entering and rating roads:

Edit other's segments --> 100pts
Delete a road segment --> 1000pts
Edit Users' profiles --> 5000pts
Ban users --> 10000pts (not yet)

How do I Add a New Segment?

From the input tab, load the Editing interface. Click on the map to select a start point and and end point. Drag any pointers that are out of position. Enter a name in the text box and click save button.

How do I rate a road

Click on the segment of road on the map (the segments are in a shade of green,yellow, red or in grey) and use the dialog for the segment that appears in the right hand side information panel.


The site allows you to use OpenID to login. At the current time only some providers are supported. We are working on increasing that number as time goes on.

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